Find out what you can do for voting rights in your state.

This year, voters will face new challenges due to COVID-19, on top of vote suppression and other attacks on our rights.

We must all do our part for voting rights — select your state to take a quick action that will make a difference for voters in your community.

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Safe Voting Now

Safe Voting Now asked grassroots voting rights activists in all 50 states: what’s the single biggest thing we can do right now to make sure your state is ready to vote in November?

Different states have different answers: expanded vote-by-mail… online voter registration… extended early voting hours… safe in-person voting options — but no matter what it is, we need your voice to get it done.

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Safe Voting Now is a coalition of civil rights groups, democracy reformers, and grassroots organizations who want to make sure every American can vote safely and securely.

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We can’t do this without you — it’s going to take all of us speaking out to ensure we’re ready to vote in November. Find out what else you can do to make a difference.

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