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Get Involved

We can’t do this without you — it’s going to take all of us speaking out to ensure we’re ready to vote in November. Find out what else you can do to make a difference.

Take Action In Your State

The most important thing you can do, if you haven’t already, is to take the priority action in your state. In each state, our grassroots partners have identified which voting reforms we can realistically enact by November — and how you can make them a reality.

Just click your state on the map to see where you can make the biggest impact for voters >>

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Call your members of Congress

You can also make a difference by calling your members of Congress — as they deliberate over how best to protect Americans’ safety, well-being, and rights during the COVID-19 crisis.

Thousands of Americans have already called to say that fully funding our elections needs to be part of that — you can add your voice today >>

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Write a Letter To The Editor

Have a bit more time to spare? Consider writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper — decision-makers pay close attention to what gets printed, and we’ll help you get your letter published so you can educate your neighbors about this issue.

Our simple tool makes it easy to get started — and we’ll give you all the talking points you need to write an effective letter >>

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Share on Social Media

Tell your community to take action – no matter where they live, they will find the best action to take in their state. Share on Facebook, Twitter, or with your friends and family over email.

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