Demand Safe Voting Now in

District of Columbia

Tell Mayor Bowser:

Dear Mayor Bowser, I believe the right to vote is fundamental to our democracy — and I’m writing to ask you to protect every Washingtonian’s right to be heard in government. It’s very important to me that no eligible citizen in the District is disenfranchised by this public health crisis. And, you can take action in time for November’s elections to make sure this happens. Following the very challenging and discouraging election on June 2nd, I was encouraged to see the DC Board of Elections mailed out ballots to every Ward 2 voter for the June 16 special election.
I am writing to request similar improvements for the November general election that will better protect the voters and in some cases save the Board money as well.
While we already have no-excuse absentee voting, we need to expand access to the ballot to ensure everyone can vote safely, by:
• Aggressively recruiting and training younger and multilingual poll workers from other DC departments and from the general public
• Opening all voting traditional sites to reduce large crowds for in-person voting
• Encouraging all voters to vote early either by mail, ballot drop-off, or in-person, and making curbside voting available at all voting sites
• Make clear and public plans for voters who do not receive their absentee ballots
• Limiting online ballot return to voters with disabilities or for overseas voters without access to a postal service. Online ballot receipt must be fully independent of any other server or computer system.
We all deserve a say in the future of our families, our communities, and our state — which is why the right to vote is sacred. Thank you for doing whatever you can to protect our vote.

Direct Action - Safe Voting Now
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