Demand Safe Voting Now in


Tell State Legislature:

Dear State Legislature, I believe the right to vote is fundamental to our democracy — and I’m writing to ask you to protect every Minnesotan’s right to be heard in government. It’s very important to me that no eligible citizen in the North Star State is disenfranchised by this public health crisis. And, you can take action in time for November’s elections to make sure this happens. Minnesota law already allows 1,000 precincts to hold elections successfully by mail. In this last election, over 130,000 Minnesotans were automatically mailed a ballot in those municipalities. Given the bulk of COVID19 related deaths have been among our most vulnerable, our seniors, this year, it makes sense to protect our seniors and shut-ins. There is a presumption that these Minnesotans disproportionately represented in COVID19 deaths, or most vulnerable to it, have others to assist them but many don’t. Meal on wheels or church group members are the closest they have to routine contact – unfortunately, all are self-isolating due to COVID19. By sending every registered voter an absentee ballot and accepting all ballots postmarked by Election Day, we allow these isolated or shut-in seniors to continue participating in their lifelong civic duty of voting.

Minnesota should also take action to make in-person voting safe and accessible by expanding early voting sites and allowing the Secretary of State and election officials to adjust the location of polling places to maintain social distancing guidelines. We all deserve a say in the future of our families, our communities, and our state — which is why the right to vote is sacred. Thank you for doing whatever you can to protect our vote.